Krusell Malmo Google Pixel XL Folio Case - Black Reviews

The Malmo Folio Cover from Krusell in black is beautifully crafted in a textured material with a slim look which offers fantastic all round protection for the Google Pixel XL. This is a classic option for work or the weekend.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61540
R 363.49
 1 stars from 2 customers

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Not with the money.
Looked great at first but not a year old and the imitation leather is beginning to crack and peel on the edges.
Not a good effort.
This case has a few things wrong with it. It's bad.
There is no magnet in the cover to turn the screen on and off. Why would you make a wallet case without that magnet?
The wallet cover is a back and front. The best wallet cases don't have a back part that is the same thickness as the front. They simply attach to the case holding the phone. This reduces the thickness. This case has a separate phone case glued to the cover. Very thick, and really unnecessary to have the back of the wallet behind the phone case

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