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NKT MFi Lightning 2-in-1 Charge and Audio 3.5mm Aux Adapter Cable Reviews

This essential 'Made for iPhone' Lightning Audio and charging adapter cable makes it possible to listen to music using your 3.5mm jack headphones or earphones while charging your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus with its Lightning female port.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61572

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 4.3 stars from 10 customers

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Great but...
This is a great product. I only wish there was a lightning connector right beside the 3.5mm port. That way if I wish I can charge my phone and also use with lightning or 3,5mm earphones
All good , expected it in white
Works fine, not sure what the 'C' button is for ?? and on the box its shown as white , when in fact it is jet black ... not problem really
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mike

The manual should explain how the 'C' button is used, but from memory it is play / pause - answer call etc.

Hope this helps.
Excellent accessory
I bought this connector after discovering I couldn't listen to my books or music through an auxillary cable in my car on my new Iphone 7+. It works really well and allows me to charge my phone and connect my phone to the Auxillary channel on my sound system in the car. I can also increase the volume on my music and phone calls using the connector.
I am very happy with this connector
Has its flaws, has its uses. Could be better.
For using with headphones and just listening to music this is OK.

Issues are if you use it for conference calls , all other users on the call experience echo, weirdly caused by this device.
unplug it or mute the phone problem goes. This is with Skype, global meet, blue jeans, Skype business, lync, or dial in , even when I dial in with phone or use their app's or I am called back.

Also if you use touch tones e.g. entering a conference ID , the touch tones are not detected properly whilst using this device. Very frustrating. Remove it and touch tones work first time.

So somewhere this is audio feedback or loop through and / or echo.

Also the cable is short and rigid. longer and flexible would be better.

The plus point is its good with music buttons are handy.

I purchased this recently from mobile fun in order to be able to stay on conference calls and charge my phone. I can be on support calls for hours, To that extent this device has failed.

For using with earphones whilst commuting this is ok - can answer and use my existing earphones with mic . Interestingly normal phone calls 1:1 seem ok
Great quality item!!
Was a bit worried about this working with IOS 10.3.3 but this is a certified item and works perfectly . I am very happy with it. I highly recommend the device and this website to all.
Don't waste your money on cheap alternatives
This definitely works with the iPhone 7, don't do what I did and buy one from a market stall they don't work. This is perfect asks you to install a small app and it's ready to go, I mainly use this to plug the audio cable of my car stereo into it and now I can charge it at the same time. Perfect for using my phone's sat nav.
Totally delighted with it
Due to the iPhone 7 plus not having a headphone jack and my daughter being on her phone all the time. After a lot of research and seeing some on elsewhere I just wasn't sure about listening to music and charging at the same time but I came across mobile fun. I done more research and decided to try there's on arrival the quality felt good i gave it to my daughter and waited to find out how it was. After a weeks use I asked her how it was and she is totally delighted with it there's no interference between charging and listening to music so to be 100% honest I would highly recommended purchasing one of these from these guys rather than the £2.00 from elsewhere thanks mobile fun
The perfect solution
I have regularly found Mobile Zap, a great company to deal with. This is no different, the NKT MFi Lightning 2-in-1 Charge and Audio 3.5mm Aux Adapter Cable, is innovative and really works. I have tried a couple of different alternatives, but this adapter allows me to charge and listen to audio at the same time, whilst giving me the option to use controls on my earphones or on the adapter.

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