Official Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Motion Controller

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Take your VR experience to the next level with this intuitive controller from Samsung for Gear VR. Accurate motion response makes VR gaming feel more natural than ever - you'll swipe, swerve, drop and lift with perfect fluidity and immersion.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63574
  • Brand Samsung
  • Samsung

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Discontinued  - not available for purchase
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Why Buy?

  • Intuitive, ergonomic motion controller increases immersion
  • Tactile and responsive buttons
  • Full motion support puts you in control
  • Lightweight build for absolute comfort
  • Designed specifically for Samsung Gear VR

Intuitive, ergonomic motion controller increases immersion

A VR interface as beautiful and user-friendly as the Gear VR is one thing, but what about a way to interact? Any controller for a VR headset would need to be light, unobtrusive and uncomplicated - an extension of your hands. The new Motion Controller bundled with the Gear VR is all of these things. A compact, lightweight build combines with satisfyingly tactile buttons and full motion support to create the most immersive VR experience available. Take your gaming, movie viewing or any other VR activity to the next level with the Motion Controller.

Tactile and responsive buttons

The interface on this controller will never break your immersion. Thanks to an intuitive layout and tactile construction - as well as a minimalist design that doesn't contain anything unnecessary - the buttons on this controller won't feel like buttons, but extensions of whatever you're doing while VR gaming.

Full motion support puts you in control

The ideal VR experience is one where you're able to fully imagine yourself in the role of your character - whether you're a medieval knight, pole-position driver or intrepid explorer. That's why this VR controller features full motion support, so if you're playing one of hundreds of compatible games, you can utilise movement for in-game actions and enhance your VR experience.

Lightweight build for absolute comfort

You don't want to be dragging around a heavy, bulky device in your hands while you're lost in a virtual world. This controller is lightweight and compact - you'll barely even notice you're holding anything, leaving you free to marvel at your virtual surroundings.

Designed specifically for Samsung Gear VR

As this controller was created by Samsung specifically for their Gear VR headset, you can be sure of perfect compatibility and a seamless user experience.


Technical specifications

  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Power supply: 2x AAA batteries
  • Dimensions: 108.1 x 48.1 x 38.2mm
  • Weight: 64.3g

Key Details

UPC 8806088788364
Color Black

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