Olixar TriMount Windscreen, Dashboard & Vent Smartphone Car Holder Reviews

With a 3-in-1 design and easy to install the Olixar TriMount keeps your smartphone safe and secure on your dashboard, windscreen or air vent.
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Works well
I bought two for our cars. One is fixed on the dashboard. The other car doesn’t have A sufficiently flat dashboard area to fit it, so that is fixed to the windscreen. Both seem to be well fixed on. The product looks robust,.
Excellent Car Holder
Holds my Motorola Moto G V1 securely. I move daily from vehicle to vehicle. Adheres to most surfaces including dimpled. Takes some getting off at the end of my shift. No more mounts dropping off over rough ground or strong sunlight.
Highly recommend - check your phone size against description first before you buy
Very good
This is exactly what I wanted, does what I bought I for. Great service and delivery.
Excellent value and exactly what I needed.
Smartphone car holder
Very happy with my purchase, the holder is perfect fit for my smartphone. Mobile fun is the best, very good customer service.
speedy service.
Good value and works fine.
Really good phone holder
I have fitted it to the grill of my Honda H-RV.
It seems very secure and stable.
No sign of juddering during driving.
Not used the windscreen atachment as the grill thingy works well.
Over priced crap
Overpriced crap.
My understanding was that this could easily be placed where I wanted to place it & be easily removed. It is not.
I purchased for when I use a rental car.
This gadget has some form of sticky stuff that sticks to the window or dash board which makes it hard to remove & not possible to re use.
My understanding was that this was done purely with air & suction & did not need the sticky stuff.
Definitely would not recommend
An excellent product. Does the job it's supposed to.
The holder holds the phone securely and the angle adjust easily. The dash top suction pad has a fearsome grip and is not easy to set free when left in a hot car. I expect the grip to lessen with use.
Does the job without a wobble
The dashboard mount exceeded expectations regarding grip, even on a textured surface.
The vent grip will always be limited by the flimsiness or otherwise of your vent, of course!
Dash phone holder
Great car phone holder. It is stuck on my window and works really really well. Great service, came when it was suppose to. Fast and reliable. Highly recommended.
Does the job.
Better on dashboard or windscreen. Bit wobbly on vent
Excellent holder
I decided to use my smart phone as an alternative to hiring one on my trip abroad. This holder did not disappoint, it is well constructed and met all of my expectations. I would recommend it’s purc.
Appears to be a Quality Product
The stand appears to be made well. As i have yet to use it this is purely observational. The clamp extends far anough to hold an s9+ with a heavy duty case. The ball mount also appears to be able to hold a firm grip on the angle of your choice.

I will update my review if my opinion changes, as only time will tell the worthiness of this product.
Missing piece
Very impressed with the suction and ease of use of the dashboard mount.
There is a piece missing from the vent mount - there was no rubberised mounting clip as described on the box.
The Best I've found
A nice compact holder that seems sturdy enough, the phone doesn't wobble and is held securely. The Gel pad will stick to a textured vinyl dash with ease.
seems ok haven't used it yet
Does the job
I wanted a phone holder to sit on the dash rather than the window. This does the job very well. I tried it on the air vents but it didn’t hold on the vents in my car (although the clip for the vents appears very sturdy). Holds the phone very securely even with phone in its case, and sits securely on my dash. Ideal for using phone as satnav. Prompt delivery.
Perfect phone holder
This is a perfect holder for the mobile, especially if using your phone for satnav. Would definitely recommend and buy one again.
Best of both worlds
I was after a cellphone mount for travelling and using in rental cars so was looking for one without a long gooseneck. This one was perfect as just has a very small base, and as a bonus comes with an air vent mount. Easy to get the phone in and out, although a little hard to do with one hand. The vent mount option isn't perfect (not the product, the whole concept) due to many vehicles having entire vents that move rather than just the louvres.
Terrific product. Comes with a vacuum assisted reusable sticky mount as well as a vent clip so I can move from one vehicle to another easily without the fiddle of un-clipping and re-clipping etc. Fits all sizes of phone too especially the new oversized phones.
Good For a naked phone!
Only used the vent fixing so far but that works very well. Good grip on the phone without interfering with the side buttons on a One + One. Bit fiddly to tighten without removing the plug from the vent. The screen mount looks good but I prefer a clear windscreen.
A good item. I use it on the dashboard. The suction cap works well. I tried the vent holder but the dashboard one is best.
Nothing more.
Versatile and easy to use - great value for money
It does exactly what it says on the box so very little room for improvement
Pleased with goods
happy with all info

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