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Olixar Universal Smartphone Windscreen In-Car Holder Reviews

Keep your smartphone safe and secure in view on your car windscreen with the rotatable and adjustable Olixar universal car holder.
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 4.2 stars from 388 customers

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Great piece of kit
Very timely delivery and a very sturdy piece of kit. It sticks to the window well and the arm stays where I put it and it fits well for my iPhone XR
NIce holder
works fin e doesn't get much simpler
Poor product
Not happy with the product at all. It stuck to a windscreen twice and just keeps falling off. Complete waste of money
Really good service. Punctual and item arrived as ordered. Very happy
Detailed description of item along with return policy if unsuitable plus delivery details and cost.
Fit for purpose a realistic price
Description on site was good and correct
Works well
It does exactly what I wanted it to ... securely hold my mobile in a convenient place. Well built.
Very good.
Sturdy holder with a good, long arm that’s not wobbly. Can be adjusted to any angle.
It does the job
Well described in add
The best phone holder for your car
I brought this as the one that was given to me snapped, and this is absolutely perfect, I can move it around to a position that suits me, it has a great grip on my phone and beats anything in the shops in my opinion, I would recommend this to everyone as I think it’s the best. And such a bargain for your money.
Good product
This really is a great phone holder. Great value for money, very pleased indeed.
My opinion only
Have not used yet but looks good
Great work's just fine
It's flexibility.
Bought for a present. Good product. Prompt delivery. Would recommend :)
Not for me
The device doesn't allow a landscape view of my phone and is not secure in the portrait position. If you have a larger phone this device doesn't work.
Great product, exactly what I was expecting.
This product works exactly as described.
It's ok
Nothing but there are no instructions on how to install it.
Very good
This item is the best and very good
Very happy with this
Great product and easily transferable between vehicles
too much vibration
didnt like it at all too much movement on it, is big and bulky on your window screen would not recommend.
Fast delivery, initally appears good quality but broke on first use
Broke on first use and though it is still workable its not as secure
MobileFun Reply
Hi Beth

Sorry to hear it broke on first use. Could you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
sticks well to the windscreen - great suction.
Value for money
Simple to put together and install in car, easily moved or removed. Easy to put phone in and out of it. Very suitable for using phone as a sat nav.
Brillaint product
Good product and quick delivery. Would recommend.
Good product
Nothing was informative enough
Easy to install, very stable. Perfect product.
Does the job pretty well, only negative is that it turns too easily and would prefer that it could be locked in horizontal or vertical position!
Nothing, the product was pretty well described!
i was so pleased ibought a 2nd one many thanks roger.
I already knew ho.w good your products are .mates told me
Bought this as needed a universal holder as we share our car.
It wobbles when driving which doesn’t help my vertigo!!!
It does what it is meant to do and does lt well.
Excellent piece of kit
I wish I’d bought this ages ago. I have tried various devices and none have worked reliably. This holder really does the job. Highly recommended.
Very good
I have an iPhone 7 and although the phone is fine in portrait it is not tall enough to properly support it and can topple out of the holder. Might be a good idea to give height of phone limits. However, well constructed and easy to use.
great piece of kit i now will order one for my brother.many thanks.roger
I already heard you were good.now I now will visit you soon.
Does the job
Holds the android phone well and is sturdy.
Great quality gadget
Great quality gadget. Arrived on time. Easy website to use.
great product
Does what it says on the tin. Not flimsy good product.
Very good quality
Bought this holder a few weeks ago for business and I am extremely pleased with it.
The bendy bar provides very sturdy and stable support for my phone. The Suction cup is extremely strong ( strongest of any I have used before )
Very good value and quality made.
I would highly recommend.
Great does as it says holds the phone ????
Does what it's meant to.
Simple and effective
Once assembled correctly it seems quite sturdy. It has been stuck on the windscreen for over a month and has not fallen off. Easy to put phone in (mine is in a skin type case) and can be charged at the same time (charging port at the bottom). There is some vibration, which is a minor irritation, though can be remedied by resting the bottom of the holder on the dash. Can be rotated between landscape and portrait though you need to lock the little latch at the back and this is a bit fiddly. Overall does the job well and have bought a second for the wife.
Good product but...
Phone sits nicely in the holder but the actually holder connecting to the extension comes off easily especially driving on bumpy roads. Fixed this with blue tac and tape to stop it coming off and it is fine now.
Video on the webite should show how to attach the two pieces just in case I have been doing something wrong.
Holds phone ok
Quite good
Useful as an alternative for the car but haven't yet worked out how to attach actual phone holder to stalk that fits to screen so that it fixes properly.
Great gadget
Fixes to several different surfaces in the car and phone fits fine Several of the universal ones don't grip properly but no problems with this one
Great but for one small point
Sturdy and sticks well with good gooseneck and very expandable holder.The one small point is that the removable plate which attaches the phone holder to the cradle unattaches a bit too easily if you try to alter the phone angle. I might glue it.
Easy fit, wide grab
Quick delivery, product ideal
Great Idea but the design could be better
I bought this for my wife after she got booked for using her phone. It is a great and easy to use but the lugs at the bottom that hold the phone broke off after about 6 weeks. So I am about to buy another phone holder but it certainly wont be this one.
Smartphone Windscreen In-Car Holder
A robust in-car holder.Serves its purpose extremely well...
Chunky and vibrating
This smart phone holder is chunky and unstable. Disappointed with the quality.
Mixed review
I like the product in general, it does what it says on the tin. However, where the neck and the phone holder attach, there is nothing to lock it in place. The result of this being that as soon as you go over any road surfaces that are slightly bumpy, the holder falls off. I have had to superglue the holder to the neck in order to stop this happening.
Good delivery time
Seems a sturdy product. Brought for Mum so cant review the usage.
I bought one for my daughter for Christmas and she raved about it so much I treated myself to one. Its the first holder that doesn't bounce when traveling. The cradle the phone sits in is so easy to adjust, and feels safe. 100% satisfied.
Great for Smartphone
Great phone car holder, especially good with smartphones that have phone cases. Fits well. Very pleased
Sooo frustrating!! Phone cradle bounces off holder!
This is probably user error but I couldn’t find a way to secure the phone cradle to the goose neck holder as it only seems to “slot on” to it. As soon as I hit a pothole (numerous in Scotland) the whole cradle inc my phone bounces off and lands on the windscreen wiper indicator!! Sooo infuriating and I know it’s going to break my phone screen in the near future. What am I doing wrong?
MobileFun Reply
Hi Sam,

We are sorry you have had a bit of trouble with the cradle you have purchased from us, Here's a bit of our advice: Once you line up and insert the 4 connectors you need to push the mounting plate until you hear a click. It takes a little bit of force but there's no way it will come free afterward.

Hope this helps! If not contact our Customer Services for further support.
Great service. Very good mobile holder
just the job does what it says on the tin.
Item did exactly what I wanted it for, easy to fit, very stable, very pleased
Excellent Device
Does it do what it says on the box
Really good product
Fits easy to windscreen strong yet flexible holds my iPhone securely
Simple but very effective
This is used in a JCB with high vibration levels but it remained in place and easily used. Very impressed
Very pleased with item Just what I needed
As I said in short review, very pleased with item and would recommend to anyone
Prompt delivery. Suction cup of poor quality.
Product came in good time by post
The plastic suction cup appears to be not of good quality as it cannot withstand heat within the car; it has distorted in the sun, which makes the holder unstable and bounce.
The rest of the product is good.
Disappointed stick it to my car winderscreen after a few minutes it drops off
It looked a really good product but as I stated stuck to my car screen really well then after a minutes it drops off so I cannot use it I can recommend this product
Great product
A bit stiff at first but persist and it will bend and eventually stay where it's meant too!
Just the job
Does just what it was described as. The item came within a couple of days of ordering, well packaged. Excellent piece of kit!
Excellent Product
First class item and well constructed. Does exactly what it’s designed for
Not great at all, this device feels every vibration of the road making it impossible to read your sat nav.
Not great at all, this device feels every vibration of the road making it impossible to read your sat nav.

I am using an iPhone 8 which it states it’s suitable for but clearly the phone is too heavy and large for it.

Going to have to buy a different in car phone holder.
Great Product
The suction cup really sticks to the windshield very well and does not fall. It holds the phone very well too. It was a very good purchase.
good product at a good price
A very flexible phone holder, easier to use than earlier models. my 2nd Olixar purchase.
Bit wobbly
Easy to fit but.... The phone wobbles about when the car is moving. I've had to tape it to the dashboard.
Great Service
Really happy with the cradle, very hard to find one wide enough to fit anything but apple, but this cradle is excellent. Highly recommend this product.
Best one so far
This is got to be the best one so far that I found I have a Galaxy S8 plus with a Otterbox case and it holds it perfectly you can swivel it adjusted anyway you want and it really hugs the phone well if you want a really good holder for your car for the price this is the one don't hesitate to buy it it works great
Good value mobile phone holder
I have purchased several Olixar products thru Mobile fun now and this phone holder is as good as any.
It is sturdily built and easy to fix to the windscreen.
It adjusts to any angle and holds my samsung S8 + securely.
All good.
One does need to clean the windscreen but otherwise this gizmo does exactly what you would expect. The practical problem is finding a good display place that doesn't cut the view. But the bendy arm is good, not too strong but firm enough. Mind you, there is some vibration. The phone holder works fine.
Sturdy piece of kit
This product is strong and gives good grip to the device.
just as described
strong and steady, recommended.
Product was great and got here in a few days...
it wobbled too much even on smooth roads
Too hard to read as it wobbled around. Only used it once. Replaced it with another one with no arm
a great product
versatile holder. Easy hold and release button available. Great addition to my car, can't do without it
Sturdy, good value and excellent delivery time.
Arrived very quickly. Sturdy build unlike some cheaper models. Extra arm length allows fitting to quarter light thereby keeping it (therefore legal and safe) out of your driving line of sight and out of the super blade area. All in all well worth it.
Works !
This is great value. Despite the cost the product is sturdy and well designed. The release mechanism works really well. The stalk could be longer but that is my only caveat.
I was not impressed with this product at all. Cheap Rubbish which I ended up throwing out. The product would not stay together which seems to be an ongoing issue with all their products. Never buy this brand. Big Mistake.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Roly

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further?
No good so far!
I haven't been able to use this product, as the actual holder doesn't stay on the arm: it drops off all the time. I have emailed the company - but received no reply. In theory, this product is really good and I would like to use it - but so far - not possible.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ingrid

Sorry haven't been able to view any emails from you I am afraid, can you email us again so we can look into this issue please.
Great product
A very nice product.
I use it with my phone all the time. It sticks very well to the windscreen.
I definitely recommend this product.
Excellent products
The website was great I was able to find everything I needed for my phone The only thing I did have a problem with is that my product was not in stock and I I have to wait longer But besides that I like everything the products agree I wouldn't change anything from the webs Site
It's not good because when you are driving this holder is shaking with the phone in it... It's innoying..
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with your item. Can you please contact our customer services team so we can investigate further.
Happy with my order
Just received my windscreen in-car holder.
Very happy with my order an amount of time it took to arrive.
Thank you
Great device
Very happy with this device , i love it and very quick delivery too
Good product overall
The cradle holds the phone tightly and swivels easily. Easy to install and adjust. Tends to vibrate a bit while driving but this is not a huge issue.

An improvement would be a system to lock the position of the phone (horizontal or vertical) as in the landscape orientation the cradle tends to droop with the weight of the phone.
At last the perfect incar phone holder. It's strong, no vibration and long enough to fit on front side quarter light. I've bought two others from elsewhere but useless and flimsy. This will last. Very speedy delivery, perfectly packaged, first class service. The selection of accessories on offer is amazing. Strongly recommend and their app works faultlessly!
I like it. it is working perfect.
Works perfect.
I love this product, I bought two.
Does what I need it to do!
I needed an in-car device-holder for my Moto G4 so I can use it as a sat-nav. On receiving the product I have found that it attaches firmly to my windscreen without any sign of dropping; the adjustable arm is versatile and allows me to change the position of the phone freely and easily and the holder fits my phone snugly. Perfect
Good quality
Holds the phone tightly, easy to release, good quality build. Supports wide phones/phablets.
Holder unhooks from the arm and falls occassionally when I hit a bump on the road.

The long arm shakes when driving and therefore the mobile is often shaken forward and starts to slide out of the holder. Constantly having to push it back into place.

The spongy things that hold the phone in place are not only a bit cheap looking but aren't effective it seems in preventing the phone from sliding out the front of the holder.

Disappointing so far but I'll persevere for now with it!
Great value
All the details were correct and clear the product is fantastic and great value I would certainly buy from this maker again as all ways service from mobile fun was first class
Better than expected
Priced just right.

Bendy arm nice and stiff so no concern over it flopping and bending with a larger phone.

Not 4 fits easily and room for a bigger phone.

Sucker appears to work well.

Easy release.

Better for bigger phones in portrait rather than landscape.

Suffered from the same problem as all other holders in that it is designed so you can swivel it between landscape and portrait.... But bigger picture phoes and bumps in the road mean they spin around too easily when you don't want it to.
Good mount
The long arm is pretty stiff so the phone doesn't move around.
Olixar Smartphone holder
Very pleased with this holder, but I don't like removing my phone from it's case which makes it a little loose in the grips (and I worried when going over road humps) ....so I put a hair band around it and now it stays in place!
I bought this for my classic mini as I needed one with a long arm and this is perfect for the job. It holds really well to the screen and even stayed put over potholes which in a classic mini is a miracle in itself. Highly recommemded.
Good value for money
Works well and does everything that it is supposed to do at a very reasonable price.
Exactly what I needed
Exactly what I needed and as described
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