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Olixar Universal Smartphone Windscreen In-Car Holder Reviews

Keep your smartphone safe and secure in view on your car windscreen with the rotatable and adjustable Olixar universal car holder.
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 4.2 stars from 323 customers

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just the job does what it says on the tin.
Item did exactly what I wanted it for, easy to fit, very stable, very pleased
Excellent Device
Does it do what it says on the box
Really good product
Fits easy to windscreen strong yet flexible holds my iPhone securely
Simple but very effective
This is used in a JCB with high vibration levels but it remained in place and easily used. Very impressed
Very pleased with item Just what I needed
As I said in short review, very pleased with item and would recommend to anyone
Prompt delivery. Suction cup of poor quality.
Product came in good time by post
The plastic suction cup appears to be not of good quality as it cannot withstand heat within the car; it has distorted in the sun, which makes the holder unstable and bounce.
The rest of the product is good.
Disappointed stick it to my car winderscreen after a few minutes it drops off
It looked a really good product but as I stated stuck to my car screen really well then after a minutes it drops off so I cannot use it I can recommend this product
Great product
A bit stiff at first but persist and it will bend and eventually stay where it's meant too!
Just the job
Does just what it was described as. The item came within a couple of days of ordering, well packaged. Excellent piece of kit!
Excellent Product
First class item and well constructed. Does exactly what it’s designed for
Not great at all, this device feels every vibration of the road making it impossible to read your sat nav.
Not great at all, this device feels every vibration of the road making it impossible to read your sat nav.

I am using an iPhone 8 which it states it’s suitable for but clearly the phone is too heavy and large for it.

Going to have to buy a different in car phone holder.
Great Product
The suction cup really sticks to the windshield very well and does not fall. It holds the phone very well too. It was a very good purchase.
good product at a good price
A very flexible phone holder, easier to use than earlier models. my 2nd Olixar purchase.
Bit wobbly
Easy to fit but.... The phone wobbles about when the car is moving. I've had to tape it to the dashboard.
Great Service
Really happy with the cradle, very hard to find one wide enough to fit anything but apple, but this cradle is excellent. Highly recommend this product.
Best one so far
This is got to be the best one so far that I found I have a Galaxy S8 plus with a Otterbox case and it holds it perfectly you can swivel it adjusted anyway you want and it really hugs the phone well if you want a really good holder for your car for the price this is the one don't hesitate to buy it it works great
Good value mobile phone holder
I have purchased several Olixar products thru Mobile fun now and this phone holder is as good as any.
It is sturdily built and easy to fix to the windscreen.
It adjusts to any angle and holds my samsung S8 + securely.
All good.
One does need to clean the windscreen but otherwise this gizmo does exactly what you would expect. The practical problem is finding a good display place that doesn't cut the view. But the bendy arm is good, not too strong but firm enough. Mind you, there is some vibration. The phone holder works fine.
Sturdy piece of kit
This product is strong and gives good grip to the device.
just as described
strong and steady, recommended.
Product was great and got here in a few days...
it wobbled too much even on smooth roads
Too hard to read as it wobbled around. Only used it once. Replaced it with another one with no arm
a great product
versatile holder. Easy hold and release button available. Great addition to my car, can't do without it
Sturdy, good value and excellent delivery time.
Arrived very quickly. Sturdy build unlike some cheaper models. Extra arm length allows fitting to quarter light thereby keeping it (therefore legal and safe) out of your driving line of sight and out of the super blade area. All in all well worth it.
Works !
This is great value. Despite the cost the product is sturdy and well designed. The release mechanism works really well. The stalk could be longer but that is my only caveat.
I was not impressed with this product at all. Cheap Rubbish which I ended up throwing out. The product would not stay together which seems to be an ongoing issue with all their products. Never buy this brand. Big Mistake.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Roly

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further?
No good so far!
I haven't been able to use this product, as the actual holder doesn't stay on the arm: it drops off all the time. I have emailed the company - but received no reply. In theory, this product is really good and I would like to use it - but so far - not possible.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ingrid

Sorry haven't been able to view any emails from you I am afraid, can you email us again so we can look into this issue please.
Great product
A very nice product.
I use it with my phone all the time. It sticks very well to the windscreen.
I definitely recommend this product.
Excellent products
The website was great I was able to find everything I needed for my phone The only thing I did have a problem with is that my product was not in stock and I I have to wait longer But besides that I like everything the products agree I wouldn't change anything from the webs Site
It's not good because when you are driving this holder is shaking with the phone in it... It's innoying..
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with your item. Can you please contact our customer services team so we can investigate further.
Happy with my order
Just received my windscreen in-car holder.
Very happy with my order an amount of time it took to arrive.
Thank you
Great device
Very happy with this device , i love it and very quick delivery too
Good product overall
The cradle holds the phone tightly and swivels easily. Easy to install and adjust. Tends to vibrate a bit while driving but this is not a huge issue.

An improvement would be a system to lock the position of the phone (horizontal or vertical) as in the landscape orientation the cradle tends to droop with the weight of the phone.
At last the perfect incar phone holder. It's strong, no vibration and long enough to fit on front side quarter light. I've bought two others from elsewhere but useless and flimsy. This will last. Very speedy delivery, perfectly packaged, first class service. The selection of accessories on offer is amazing. Strongly recommend and their app works faultlessly!
I like it. it is working perfect.
Works perfect.
I love this product, I bought two.
Does what I need it to do!
I needed an in-car device-holder for my Moto G4 so I can use it as a sat-nav. On receiving the product I have found that it attaches firmly to my windscreen without any sign of dropping; the adjustable arm is versatile and allows me to change the position of the phone freely and easily and the holder fits my phone snugly. Perfect
Good quality
Holds the phone tightly, easy to release, good quality build. Supports wide phones/phablets.
Holder unhooks from the arm and falls occassionally when I hit a bump on the road.

The long arm shakes when driving and therefore the mobile is often shaken forward and starts to slide out of the holder. Constantly having to push it back into place.

The spongy things that hold the phone in place are not only a bit cheap looking but aren't effective it seems in preventing the phone from sliding out the front of the holder.

Disappointing so far but I'll persevere for now with it!
Great value
All the details were correct and clear the product is fantastic and great value I would certainly buy from this maker again as all ways service from mobile fun was first class
Better than expected
Priced just right.

Bendy arm nice and stiff so no concern over it flopping and bending with a larger phone.

Not 4 fits easily and room for a bigger phone.

Sucker appears to work well.

Easy release.

Better for bigger phones in portrait rather than landscape.

Suffered from the same problem as all other holders in that it is designed so you can swivel it between landscape and portrait.... But bigger picture phoes and bumps in the road mean they spin around too easily when you don't want it to.
Good mount
The long arm is pretty stiff so the phone doesn't move around.
Olixar Smartphone holder
Very pleased with this holder, but I don't like removing my phone from it's case which makes it a little loose in the grips (and I worried when going over road humps) ....so I put a hair band around it and now it stays in place!
I bought this for my classic mini as I needed one with a long arm and this is perfect for the job. It holds really well to the screen and even stayed put over potholes which in a classic mini is a miracle in itself. Highly recommemded.
Good value for money
Works well and does everything that it is supposed to do at a very reasonable price.
Exactly what I needed
Exactly what I needed and as described
Does the job effectively
Having bought a new phone, needed a holder so I could use it in the car for navigation. This product was economically priced, and, when it arrived I discovered it did exactly what I needed. The only slight caveat I would have is that the flexible gooseneck stalk is a little bit stiff to change, but as you need to find a position once, then leave alone, this is not a problem.
Excellent service. Order tuesday in the box friday from the uk. Product good just as described. Recommended
A great piece of kit
A great piece of kit. Ideal for what I use it for.
Great product...love it
Great item for my car and sturdy
Versatile, seems robust. Very happy.
Exactly as described
Works well - does what it says it does. Good value.
Great sturdy item
No shakes or wobbles will buy again
good sturdy item with the suction of a limpet.
Great product not the cheapest of the bunch but a really good buy.
Great car cradle
I have a Samsung S6 Edge with a Tech 21 case. Case folded open doubles the width of the phone. This cradle holds it well. Key benefits is the maneuverability here and where you can aim your screen. I wanted this because i drive a Holden Colorado and a dash mount would be too far away for my liking. I am getting one for my fridge at home when I am cooking following instructions too! :)
Very Pleased
Great value, and with warrantee! Strong adhesion and good functionality. Easy to use.
Works just like u expect it to, well.
Love the easy installation and I am sure you will be happy with the quality of strength the suction cup boasts as taking it on and off is concerned with product integrity I trust my brand new z5 in it every day of the week
Perfect fit
I upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus so needed bigger mobile phone holders for my own as well as my company vehicle. These fit the bill perfectly.
I recently upgraded from an iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6 plus and needed bigger mobile phone holders for my own and my company vehicles. I purchased the windscreen mounted model and it is perfect. I was concerned about the size of the phone and the possibility of it vibrating but the holder holds the phone firmly and allows me to mount the phone at any angle as well as either 'portrait/landscape' Recommended
Product was a good price and exactly as I thought it would be!
I was satisfied with the price and product, will fit several size/style of phone so I can stop buying a new holder with every phone purchase!
not bad for this product
I am happy with this and it does a reasonable job
I bought it for my iPhone and though it fitted the phone easily and had the extension arm length that was required it came apart within 2 days i.e both ends of the extension arm came out of the sockets on the window pad and the phone cradle resulting in the phone falling off the windscreen(fortunately with no damage). I am attempting to secure the extension arm in place by using araldite in the sockets. if this is successful then the product will be ideal. i would suggest however that the extension arm fitting is made more robust
This is probably the best phone holder that I've used or purchased
This is probably the best phone holder that I've used or purchased, it grips the phone really well and is very strong, even if it has a long adjustable neck the phone does not bounce around as with many of the inferior products on the market, I have recommended this item to several of my friends and would recommend it to any of customers
Poorly made
well to start off with it is shipped and packaged well, but the item is in 2 pieces n that's fine as well. The mount with the suction cup on it is very well built. the head its self though is a cheap plastic and the head does not stay on the mount if bumped even slightly. so i glued it to the mount. one must be careful doing this though due to if the glue gets too deep into the head one will not be able to rotate the head to the sideways position.
Mediocre quality
opened the package and the item was well packed. It is kind of cheep on the head of the phone holding unit itself. when placed on the suction cup mount if one does not have the head unit on in the right direction then it falls from the mount and could break ones phone.so i have resorted to gluing the head onto the suction post.
Good value
seen cheaper for sale but this product is strong and flexible just what I need for my work van
Excellent Windscreen In-Car Holder
Very easy to install as it has a flexible arm with a suction pad to attach to the windscreen. Cushioned side pads grip your smart phone securely. They hold your phone lower down on the side, so you can still push the side buttons, which is something I had problem with my previous in-car holder.This holder can hold even larger smartphones or sat navs as it has an adjustable width and can easily be rotated. EXCELLENT WINDSCREEN IN-CAR HOLDER.
Great Product
A great in-car holder for my iphone, very easy and simply fitted and very quick delivery. Top class site
Very happy
Well made ,great suction to windscreen holds phone well only down side is the phone bouncers around a bit on bumpy/bad roads (while in holder)but otherwise very happy
Good for the price, but not the best holder I've had
I upgraded my smartphone recently from a Samsung S3 to the S5. The in car holder I had for the S3 was by iGrip, only fitted the S3, so I had to find a new holder. The holder from iGrip for the S5 was too expensive, so I read the reviews on Mobile Fun and tried to pick the best at a reasonable price.

The price was good, the product OK. First of all it's not as good as the iGrip, as it is made to fit lots of different phones. You can adjust the width fitting, but it seems the S5 is about as big a phone as will fit. Due to that it is a bit fiddly to put into and take out of the holder. There are foam pieces to hold the phone in place, so that makes it even more snug.

However, it's not impossible and once inserted the phone is held snuggly, no change of slipping.

It was easy to attach to the wind screen.

I also find when driving fast it does vibrate a lot on the "goose neck", making it a little hard on the eyes at times.

For the price I think it's a very good in car holder, I would recommend it as a budget product.

As always the delivery and service from Mobile Fun were great and I will be using them again in the future.
Very good
Very good but was abit thick at one point and didn't know how to attach if to car but got there!!!
good product
Bought this to use my phone ASA sat nav.
Works well, clamps ti dashboard and is stable.
Must have Item
Highly recommended. Holds phone perfectly.
Cheap rubbish
You get what you pay for in life. This is not worth even what it costs. Stay well clear. Fell apart in one minute.
i bought one of mobile phones stick to the window phone holders, at first i was a bit weary of buying it thinking it would fall of the window all the time, so out i went to the car stuck it to the window and put my expensive i phone 6 on the cradle the phone set to warn of speed cameras , ive been driving around for a few weeks now and the phone cradle has stuck firmly to the window, its great for answering your phone or not answering when you see the ppi numbers coming up,it has never fell of yet through cold mornings and speed bumps, and as i live in Glasgow we have had plenty of cold mornings, im still waiting to go out one morning and the cradle laying on the dash board, well that day has not came yet and my phone with the speed camera settings are still going strong, even made me aware of a few speed cameras hidden by tree branches, even though i try sticking to the speed limit,its hard when you have got the mrs beside you bending your ear and your not paying attention to your speed, its very easy to wonder by the limit, so my mobile phone cradle has more than enough payed for its self, so ive had many weeks of hands free motoring, still clinging to the window well, since i first put it on so all in all a goog buy from mobile fun, i love it yessss
great product
Great product and great price
Broke after 2 hour journey
I used this item to hold my phone as a sat nav. After a 2 hour car journey the sponge components that hold the phone in place came off. This meant the phone fell out of the holder and dangerously into the footwell. I could no longer use my phone as a sat nav and was completely let down by the product. It is a great design but has no longevity if it breaks after 2 hours use.
Only Cradle that will hold Moto G 2nd Gen to the windscreen
This is the only window mount cradle I could find that will hold a Motorola Moto G second generation phone without pressing on the buttons. Happily it is also very rigid and so holds the phone securely even though it has a long arm which is how it lets this 5" phone clear the windscreen.
In car holder
Very happy with time of delivery and the product.
universally great
Needed a new car holder for my S6 edge and after looking at a lot of different holders I purchased the universal holder because of the ease of use and it is ideal for my 64 plate astray with it's long flexible arm. The quick release and soft padding makes it ideal for the sleek S6 edge.
universal smartphone in car holder
I had been looking for a holder for the car,not too expensive and practical.This fitted the bill perfectlyand so far so good.
Item delivered as described.
Solid build, bottom RHS rest blocks headphone socket though.
Holds phone fine and solid (once I found the rotation lock, its on the back btw). Only issue is the bottom RHS rest blocks the headphone jack. I like using the headphone jack in my car to listen to my media but the rest blocks this.

Other than that its well built, solid and functional (just).
phone holder
Thanks very much the postage was good it was great service all round. The phone holder for my car works great no problems.
It's a good holder but the rubber parts on each side needs to be glued in by yourself, as they fall off, try not to use to much force to close it
Nice and Simple
This product is a great add-on for any vehicle. It mounts to the glass securely and provides a great house for your phone when on the move!
With a locking pin to secure if you want to keep the phone square, but easily unlock to rotate into landscape mode.
Fantastic price for a sturdy, well built product.
A real steady sucker!
I use this to hold a heavy phone while off roading. Despite violent movement caused by extreme terrain the sucker stays put, the arm is steady and the clamp holds my phone. Good value at double the price.
It's all right
My phone fits in the holder fine. The previous arm I had I think had a longer stork but this one is sufficient. It does suffer from vibration when the phone is in the holder but its largely dependant on the road surface and how fast you are going. A majority of my mileage is done on the motorway. It does vibrate a little when there is no phone engaged which causes a mildly irritating noise but you soon get used to it.
Phone holder for the car
Brilliant sturdy phone holder for the car that sticks to your window screen. Takes up to my size of phone(Nokia 930)and bigger and you can have it portrait or landscape. Would recommend this product to anyone. Best product of its type out there for price, under £10.
A decent product
Fits the Nokia Lumia 625 well - doesn't obstruct any buttons or connections. Feels a little flimsy and arm vibrates so need to position phone and arm so pressing into dashboard for extra stability. All in all, not bad for the money as I will only use it occasionally but perhaps consider spending a bit more if you're planning to use it day-in day-out.
Great device
Absolutely love this device! I had to give my Garmin Sat Nav to my little sister so I decided to buy a holder for my Samsung Glaexy S5 and use the Google Maps sat nav on my phone......which is better than my sat nav as it gives up to date traffic info! I researched and this product seemed the best as well as the cheapest! And yes it lived up to its great video demonstration. It holds your phone very safely and there was no movement whilst driving, I thought there would be some, but no! Yep I am VERY happy :-) x
fone holder
Best buy in a while.
Excellent piece of kit.
Quality made. Fits iPhone 6 plus no problem. Fantastic suction on window sticker.
Not up to the job
This holder is just too flimsy for the M8.
A lot of shaking while driving and the glued on cushions to support the phone fell off on day 2!
Let's just say I'm already looking for a replacement
Awful, flimsy and dreadful build quality
I thought this holder would be good but sadly it's the worst car holder i'vce ever used or even seen. It's amazingly flimsy, the sticky foam pads fell off and didn't stick on, when you try and open it, sometimes you press the button to open it and nothing happens so you have to pry it open with force. It's only 3.5" high so it'll only securely hold a very small phone. Overall i'm not happy with having spent nealy £10 on something which looks like it would be sold in Poundland.
This product is great glad I bought it
Best phone holder I have found yet it does everything I want it to,has very firm hold for my phone and hardly any vibration.
This phone holder is way to flimsy. It vibrates like an earth quake. It rotates way to easy and shifts with every bump in the road. The suction cup is good and it does hold the phone nice and tight. I would not recommend.
mobile in car holder
This phone holder is what I should have bought the first time. Looks neat.Holds phone in right position and securely.I have nexus5. Is the right length from windscreen, easy to reach phone. No complaints.I especially like the one piece flexible attachment.Gives me perfect positioning with minimum intrusion. As you can tell I am a 'happy chappy!! '
Works well
Its has worked exactly as described, am happy
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