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Plantronics Explorer 10 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

The Explorer 10 Bluetooth headset from Plantronics is a lighweight and comfortable headset with noise reduction technology. With up to 11 hours of talk time, you'll be able to talk hands free for longer.
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 4.6 stars from 56 customers

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I am very happy with headset it connected with my whiley fox swift straight away and is easy to use and comfortable .I have used other headsets but this one is the best I've used, and is a lot better made than other more expensive ones.
Great hands free Headset
I've used them for a couple of years now and I have to depend on them as I am driving most of the time. It never lets me down and it usually doesn't need replaced for at least a year.
Not has good as my previous plantronic pro
This style of ear piece is no where as good as the plantronic pro+ that I have now gone back to far better for the people I am calling as they say it is much clearer and no back ground noise
Excellent ear piece. It fits well and works great with the S8
great product
Great unit easy to use and connect to my phone.
Pleasant company to have dealt with.
A very useful practical Bluetooth item.
Easy to use even for me!
I use the earpiece even though I drive cars with Bluetooth in the vehicle because if someone else in car it may develop into an embarrassing conversation with a caller not realising the other listeners!!
Exceptionally good
In my job as a Chauffeur I need a discreet and clear Bluetooth Headset. I have had, and lost(!) several of other makes but this new purchase is superb.
Very easy to use
Very light and easy to use with good sound quality
Very good.
Quality end delivery fast.
Can hear very well but microphone is terrible
You can hear relatively clearly and the earpiece fits rather well on the ear and does not hurt very much.

The microphone is terrible. I had to shout just so that others can recognize that 'someone' (not even I) was talking. They could barely understand me.

If you don't plan to use the microphone much then it's a good deal.
Best Bluetooth
It's one of the best Bluetooth it charge up to 11 hours
Amazing sound quality
Great Bluetooth Headset
I purchased for this website because they specify which headset works with which phone.... which makes it so much easier than having to really research or purchase one that isn't compatible... and have to send it back. I got his for my dad, as he is a HGV driver. He said it is amazing, so clear, no background noise and you can set this up in about a minute.
Best bluetooth Ever.
Get this bluetooth for all day comfortable wear. I've had the older version of this updated one for three years now. Please continue to be safe with your attention on the road. This is a little tool is good for the talker, eleven hours wow! I use it daily without fail. Oh and please look out for others and yourself.
Perfect device for good price
Perfect device for good price. Parcel comes in 2 days. Thanks
For the money is a best buy.
Great little device. Fits snuggly in your ear. When turned on tells you remaining time the battery will last. The sound is crystal clear and allows up to 10 metre connection. Worth every penny.
Excellent Bluetooth
The Bluetooth headset here gives you a good 11 hour talk time. The headset also speaks volume level and tells you when at maximum volume. On most latest phones this earpiece can also allow music playback. I haven't had any issue with quality of audio or from the microphone. As the headset sits firmly in the ear.
My only complaint is that for someone with big fingers it is a little small It works well. The clip around the ear becomes uncomfortable after a while
It just works
Great headset, simple to use.
Really great ,5 Minutes to set up.Lovely size. Really Quick service
Size,Quick setup.and best of all PRICE.I will buy again from you.I am so pleased again thank you
John Lyons......
Good product
Product is good, wearing comfortable, sound quality is very good, high cost performance. I would like to recommend to friends.
Good price
Bluetooth has 11 hours of usage, range is very good, easy to pair with any mobile phone.

Draw back - Does not come with inner ear piece, the outside earpiece hurts after several hours of wear
Just as described- Sounds great in vonversation and listening to music. Battery lasts for the 11 hours they say listening& talking.
I had a Plantronics E 50 a few years ago. This item has the same functionality as well as noise reduction.
It sounds great listening to streaming music or internet radio while I work and the battery lasts all day! - 11 hours to be accurate.
I just bought a second one from these guys who delivered it on time at a very reasonable cost.
The price of the headset is the best I could find online.
Fantastic little unit fast shipping exellent cov er age
This is a great little handsfree unit lightweight easy to use. Crystal clear in metro or rural areas. Simply to set up even for people like me that are not great with technology (connecting to bluetooth). This one for the price is a very good unit.
It works well
As above
good product
Great value
Does everything you'd want it to!
I bought this, not just to be able to answer my mobile whilst driving, but also to be able to answer and have a conversation whilst I'm working - I'm a PAT tester and often I'm working in an environment where I can't quickly get at a phone and so miss calls. This earpiece is light and comfortable to wear, stays in place and makes it so easy to carry on with what I'm doing and still take to the next potential customer. As a bonus, I now also get the satnav directions fed straight into my ear - no more missed turnings! Great product, great price - I recommend it.
Very good product easy to set up and use
very good product easy to set up and use
Excellent reception for a small device
I was pleasantly surprised with how well this small device works. Reception is clear and I will be using it in my car for hands free incoming calls.
Great product
This product functions very well. Great talk time. I would recommend this product.
Quick service
Our item arrived quite quickly. The earpiece itself is probably not as good as we'd hoped. The volume isn't very high at full volume.
Works perfect, easy to use, great sound,
Great ear piece
Plantronics Explorer 10 Bluetooth Headset works a treat, am glad to use Mobile Zap, very good shopping experience
Good sound fits good
I like this Bluetooth I got this because it's like my old one good sound good quality
Very good product crystal clear audio with no drop outs would highly recommend
Thank you the ear piece works great, an upgrade from my old model. Thank you Mobile Zap
Great product
Great product. Good service.
Worth it.
Neat build, unobtrusive and does the job at a good price.
Good product
Bought this as an alternative to the other types of bluetooth offered. Pleasantly surprised at how good it is. Works well. Volume needs a look at. I am slightly deaf. Will recommend product because it is so portable.
New to me. Good start.
There are no instructions on how to use the product. I worked it out and initial test was positive. It worked. Very compact and fits neatly over the ear. Volume is just adequate. I am hard of hearing. Glad I bought it and am looking forward to using it.
Great seller!
Its all i needed, fits right on both my ears, easy to use, and very good battery life. Would recommend it.
Very light, easy to set up, comfortable to wear
The product I ordered was to be used for the security job I do.
I can run 2 phones of it, but the best bits are, it's very light, easy to set up, comfortable to wear & I can listen to my music while I'm working.
Excellent product, as always.
Thank you Mobile Fun.
Better than Sony and more!
Had an uncomfortable sony earpiece and the rubber went missing on my travels. Guess what? You can't get hold of a replacement without buying the whole thing again...Well it never fitted properly anyway so I wouldn't do that!

Enter the Plantronics replacement.Cheaper and totally comfortable in my ear with a proper behind the ear clip to stop it falling out when you bend over etc. Couldn't have asked for better. Totally happy with this product and with the audible info when you switch on and off and the logical slide switch, it's perfect in my opinion. Ten out of ten.
Great product. Much better than the uncomfortable sony which when lost the rubber, could not be replaced! Huh? You suck, sony. This piece has an ear clip and clear buttons with voice information to confirm connection. Excellent!
Plantronics Headset is easy to use and works well
Plantronics Headset is easy to use and works well
I am impressed with the Bluetooth's capabilities
I am impressed with the Bluetooth's capabilities.
I love the plantronics bluetooth earpiece it's definitely worth buying I will recommend this product to anyone it the best one that I've ever had.....
This handset is easy to use very light
This handset is easy to use very light
Pretty good
Very cool earpiece with a long battery life and is quite clear when being used- not totally noise reduced but it is not advertised to be. Only down side is the ear piece itself is not very pliable and is a bit hard on the ear cartilege
Great product
It was easy to use after charging and synchronising with phone- one negative is the head hear itself is quiet hard and not pliable or flexible causing a bit of irritation

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